• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Boot Mats for Mitsubishi

As part of a wide selection of Mitsubishi car accessories from Travall, we can offer one which will provide maximum protection against dirt and spills in the back of your vehicle. Constructed from hardwearing natural rubber, our Mitsubishi boot mat liners mats are embossed with a non-slip design and come impregnated with an attractive, long-lasting vanilla scent – ideal if you have pets travelling in the boot space on a regular basis.

If you do have pets, our Mitsubishi boot mat liner is the perfect companion to our highly regarded Mitsubishi dog guards and dividers, which will maximise the space available in your boot by diving any cargo you are carrying, while adding a valuable extra feature that means your passengers and pets will be able to travel more safely.

As our Mitsubishi boot mat liners are designed and manufactured specifically for your model of Mitsubishi, you can be certain they will fit perfectly, and they are very simple to install and remove when not required. They also come with a unique raised outer lip which means any spills in the boot will be contained within the liner, without damaging the boot floor.

On our website you’ll find many other accessories perfect for your Mitsubishi, including vehicle carpet mats and waterproof seat covers. We also have Mitsubishi bumper protectors that will save your car from any scratches and scuffs when removing heavy cargo from the boot area.