• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Dog Guards for Citroen

Here at Travall we manufacture and supply a variety of dog guards to fit a range of vehicle models including Citroens. Whether you own a brand new Citroen or an earlier model, we aim to cater for specific needs. Currently online you will find Citroen dog guards available for the Berlingo and Xsara Picasso.

This range of Citroen dog guards is specifically designed to keep your dog in the boot of the car whilst the vehicle is in motion; this allows the driver to feel at ease when driving on a short or long journey as your dog may become restless and distract your attention which could result in a serious accident. Although our Citroen dog guards restrict your pet to staying in the boot area, they are given plenty of space for movement and are able to enjoy the ride by looking out of the window. They are also able to see the driver and passengers through the welded mesh.

We understand that making the installation process simple is important so you can reap the benefits of your new product straight away. 99% of our Travall dog guards do not require any modification to your car which allowing them to be installed in minutes using a few simple tools. Once fitted the driver can then remove and reinstall the Citroen dog guard efficiently without the use of any tools.

Travall is the world’s leading manufacturer of dog guards and Citroen dividers where they are made in house to ensure optimum efficiency. All of our dog guards also come with a lifetime guarantee to make sure your products serve the duty they were made for.